About us.

Valley Crew Contracting Ltd. is your team for your project. With years of experience we bring a balance of functionality, quality and budget requirements. With a full portfolio of successfully completed new, expanded and renovated projects, our team has a history of constructing exciting and successful projects. Through the entire project life-cycle from pre-construction to grand opening, our team can draw on their wealth of knowledge in the construction of commercial buildings. Valley Crew contracting lives by the philosophy of its founder, “integrity through transparency” and it’s not just a catch phrase – it’s the notion that construction should be a transparent process inclusive of all stakeholders and a process where value is realized at all phases of design and construction.

We keep our clients informed at each step of the project – where it is ahead, where it is behind and what is being done to address any risks. This approach is not for everyone. Some clients would prefer not to know when things are going off the rails, in the hope that the problem will get taken care of and they will never have to experience any of the stress associated to changes to schedule. Our belief however, is that this experience need not be stressful. Well-informed means that clients always know where they stand and can make the best decisions each step of the process. Whether the project be small or large we treat all clients and projects with the same level of intimacy.