Valley Crew Contracting believes in investing in the right equipment and training to provide a full service approach to construction. In addition to being skilled foundation experts, we can also provide complex structural repairs where you need them most.

We have extensive experience with both residential and commercial shoring projects such as seismic upgrades, civil works, grading, retaining walls and more. We have the right equipment for the job and a dedicated partner to handle the big iron. Trust in us to complete your project to outstanding standards.

Shoring Applications


Anchoring is a method used to support and stabilize overburdened walls by transferring some of their load to solid rock using steel casings filled with grouting, often known as ground anchors, soil anchors, or earth anchors.

In addition to increasing the durability of a structure, ground anchors are lightweight, resistant to corrosion, quick and easy to install, and have low environmental impact. If you have a construction or restoration project that would benefit from professional ground anchor installation, reach out to us today.

Abbotsford Central Park Village

Temporary shoring for the construction of a building in a new Abbotsford development project, using micropiles and ground anchors.

High-Pressure Grouting

Pressure grouting, also known as jet grouting, is a relatively new but very effective method for earth retention, excavation stabilization, and ground improvement. Through the injection of high-pressure grout, gaps and cracks can be repaired and the primary structure will be strengthened. Contact us today to see how jet grouting might help with your project.


When helical piles are almost but not quite suitable for the situation, micropiles are a great alternative. These small but strong foundation elements can help underpin foundations, transfer loads, improve structural stability, and otherwise strengthen projects in restricted spaces. If you think micropiles are perfect for your project, contact us today for a free quote on what we can do for you.

Rock Drilling

Rock drilling often supplements other shoring services by enabling the installation of ground anchors, aiding in slope stabilization, creating servicing access, and other similar operations. Our top-notch drilling team puts safety first and takes measures to keep job sites clean and environmentally friendly. Contact us today for a professional quote.


Applied at high speed by hose, shotcrete boasts higher compressive strengths than cast concrete, provides a natural-looking finished surface, and can be used on free-form projects and in tight spaces. Great for basement walls, permanent earth retention systems, landscaping, pools, highway cuts and more. Contact us for a quote on your residential, commercial, or civil project today.

Slope Stabilization

Projects that involve excavation, demolition, or loose rock and soil can result in unstable slopes that pose a threat to safety and the successful completion of your project. Our experienced team will help you avert these threats by inspecting your build site and implementing professional slope stabilization techniques such as reinforcement support, rock removal, protective ditches or catch fences, and more. Contact us today for a free initial quote.