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Valley Crew Contracting Ltd.

The goal is to bring you the best qualified individuals to ensure that all work is done to the highest standards and meets or exceeds local building code. Valley Crew Contracting Ltd. Takes great pride in promoting all employees to become registered apprentices and we support our team on the road to becoming certified Red Seal Carpenters.

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We believe the key to a successful project is by fully understanding our client, through teamwork and communication between our team members. The great thing about Construction and more specifically Valley Crew’ comprehensive approach, is that it allows for open discussion and transparency of all steps and components of the project, which puts our client first and foremost toward the path to success.

Our desire to be open and transparent ensures the construction and renovations of our clients’ building projects are done to the highest standards while ensuring costs are controlled and tasks and milestones are on schedule.

“Valley Crew is by far the best contractor that I have dealt with. They are a team of very experienced professionals with professional engineering support service. I highly recommend Valley Crew for any major concrete or foundation projects.”

“The feedback from the users has been very positive and they are very happy with the overall results. Without your effort this project would not have been so successful.”

“Valley Crew has been a great choice for us. They helped us to enhance our operation and do some much needed repairs and upgrades to our processing facility. We would definitely recommend them for major upgrades such as ours”