As promised, we at Valley Crew Contracting Ltd are always striving to expand our services in the Piling and Specialized construction industry.

Valley Crew Contracting Ltd can perform a variety of shoring products that your project requires. Depending on existing conditions, Valley Crew Contracting can provide Helical Piles, Micro Piles, Soil Nails, Shotcrete or Wood Lagging!

At Valley Crew Contracting LTD we are always looking for new and innovative construction methods to both improve safety as well as efficiency in the construction industry.

With higher costs and increased concern for both safety and environment, we feel that Helical Piles are a superb solution to address such criteria. Though Helical piles are not suitable for every situation, this system is a great solution to several job requirements where standard Micro piling is used. With Helical Piles you can greatly reduce installation time as well as noise and vibration. Thus, expedite schedule and save cost both in time and overall cost. Where Helical piles are not suitable, we can also provide other solutions such as Micropiles, Soil Nails, Anchors or work hard to find a solution that fits the job.

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Abbotsford Central Park Village

Temporary shoring for the construction of building 3 in an Abbotsford new development project. This project included Micropiles and Soil Anchors.

Abbotsford Tennant Improvement

This was one of the first businesses in the city of Abbotsford. The building had sunk roughly 9” in its more than 100-year life. We were able to stabilize the building and provide support for new walls and an elevator shaft.

It was a challenging project to work within the height limitations of the second floor above. We uncovered several old medicine bottles and even an old wooden shaft that was filled in from the early days.

New lake dock pivot support

This client on a private lake in South Langley wanted a new pivoting dock installed. The use of helical piles made an impossible task a reality. This could not have been achieved otherwise due to the slope and stability of the bank. Also the use of helical piles removed any danger of contaminating the environment that excavation would have created.

Burns Bog, Delta B.C.

Among one of the largest projects in our portfolio, the bog was extremely challenging due to the instability of the ground.

The Excavator was literally floating on sheets of plywood throughout most of the job! The team was able to complete the work two days ahead of schedule.

Semi In-ground Pool

This customer wanted a semi-permanent and semi-above ground pool that was not simply a kit. The installation of this pool is much more structurally reliable than a kit and more resembled a in ground pool.

With the ability to be not permanent if ever removal was wanted, this pool will give many years of use. This pool has all the perks of a concrete pool but where sometimes it is not an option to build a concrete pool.