Helical Piles.

At Valley Crew Contracting we are always looking for new and innovative construction methods to improve both safety and efficiency in the construction industry. With rising project costs and increased public concern for safety and environment, we feel that helical piles are a superb solution to those concerns for both commercial and residential construction projects.

Unlike standard piles which are pounded into place, helical piles are “screwed” into the ground, providing quieter superior support that does not settle. This can greatly reduce installation time, noise, and vibration, helping expedite your job schedule and saving you both time and money, while also extending the lifespan of your finished project.

Helical Pile Applications

While helical piles may not be suitable for every situation, we also provide other shoring services to help get your job done safely and efficiently.

Boardwalk Construction & Stabilization

Boardwalks can be a tricky build, often requiring construction in sensitive habitats with poor soil conditions, and using cribbing that is unreliable and impermanent. Helical piles are the perfect solution to this problem, with easy installation at various bearing capacities and low noise pollution that is less likely to disturb the local environment.

Burns Bog Boardwalk

One of the largest projects in our portfolio, the boardwalk at Burns Bog was extremely challenging due to ground instability, with our excavator literally floating on sheets of plywood for most of the job! That didn’t stop our expert team, who completed the work two days ahead of schedule.

Deck Construction & Stabilization

Are you building a new deck and want strong, reliable support that avoids the need for excavation in sensitive areas? Helical piles can be installed for any deck or patio foundation and can be built upon immediately – no digging or waiting for concrete to cure. With support for extreme loads and no settling, even a heavy timber deck is no problem for helical piles.

Semi In-Ground Pool Construction

This customer wanted a semi-permanent, semi-above ground pool with more durability than a regular pool kit. The finished project is much more structurally reliable than a kit, removable, and has all the benefits of a concrete pool without the restrictions of traditional concrete construction.

Dock Construction & Stabilization

Dock construction can combine some of the toughest challenges of both deck and boardwalk jobs, including unstable banks, sensitive ecosystems, potentially heavy loads, and awkward access. Helical piles make these challenges a breeze and often enable projects that would otherwise be impossible, while minimizing environmental impact.

Pivot Support For New Lake Dock

This project involved the construction of a new pivoting dock on a private lake in South Langley, a task that would have been impossible without the use of helical piles due to the slope and instability of the bank, and the potential environment contamination that could be caused by excavation.

Foundation Lifting & Stabilization

Do you have a sinking, shifting, or otherwise failing foundation? Or are you installing a new foundation and want to ensure it will last for years to come? Our experienced team can provide both interior and exterior slab jack stabilization, installation, or replacement, with reinforcing helical piles that are guaranteed for a minimum of ten years. We also offer solutions for surrounding ground conditions that can cause your building to sink.

Abbotsford Tenant Improvement

More than 100 years old, this building was one of the first businesses in the city of Abbotsford and had sunk roughly nine inches over its lifetime. Despite height limitations from the floor above, we were able to stabilize the building and provide support for new walls and an elevator shaft. We even discovered some treasure — several old medicine bottles and an old wooden shaft that was filled in from the early days!

Greenhouse Construction

Helical piles have become the go-to solution for many new greenhouse construction projects. With more and more municipalities disallowing concrete foundation support for greenhouses, Valley Crew can offer a helical pile alternative to concrete footings that is quick, cost effective, and complies with the latest bylaw and structural requirements.

Seismic Upgrading

The province of BC has significantly increased building requirements for earthquake protection within the past several years, in response to concerns that the province is “overdue” for a major quake. Our array of professional shoring and helical pile services will ensure your building meets seismic standards with the most effective anchoring systems available.