Greenhouse Construction for Specialized Growing Facilities.

Today’s new laws regarding the legal cultivation of Marijuana have given way to a growing community of business opportunities.

The complete growing solutions provided by Valley Crew Contracting have been cultivated by combining over 40 years of experience and partnerships with a multitude of trades and suppliers needed for today’s complex growing requirements. If you are looking to build a new facility for the purpose of becoming a legal producer or have other needs for specialized growing facilities, Valley Crew Contracting Ltd can help. We can supply you with the insulated panel building or infill, steel building, or any style greenhouse structure that you require.

Can’t decide about Growing in a Warehouse or Greenhouse?

A warehouse facility environment provides the grower with maximum control, and the most consistent crops can be produced in a properly designed warehouse grow room.

An exterior grade Structural Insulated Panel option can also be considered as a warehouse alternative. These panels can not only be used inside a warehouse but can also become a complete finished building if desired.

Air filtration and circulation systems are essential and critical for the air quality in a production facility and also require a design that is in conjunction with the lighting system to accommodate the heat generated.

Irrigation can be provided in many ways including drip irrigation, hydroponic flood benches, or trough benches.

Lighting is a key component in an integrated system. Warehouse grow rooms depend on intelligent grow lights which need to replicate the parts of the sunlight spectrum that the marijuana plants need at each stage of growth.

A greenhouse is a cost effective solution to utilize Agricultural land. Using a greenhouse to grow your plants includes the removal of the tricky complexities of an indoor grow room setup.

A greenhouse still requires some supplementary heat, air and lighting controls however it takes advantage of natures gift, the sun!

Many municipalities are not allowing concrete foundations for greenhouses however at Valley Crew Contracting Ltd we have you covered again! Follow this link to see our foundation solutions for any style of construction including greenhouses. (Helical Piles)