Helical Piles.

Your foundation is the most important part of your investment. Valley Crew has the ability to raise and repair failing foundations. We can save you time and money by working with what you have and making it structurally sound – without having to remove and start over.

Helical piles (also known as screw piles) are extremely cost efficient and have a reduced environmental impact. Screwing the foundations in the ground means there is less soil that needs to be transported from the site.

With helical piles from Valley Crew, clients get shorter project times, easier installation, access, reduced risks and costs. We have installed helical piles for a variety of uses including new foundation construction, retaining walls, docks, foundation stabilization and cabin and deck construction support. Helical piles are perfect when a concrete foundation is not feasible or the mess of excavation is not wanted.

We can provide you with this service anywhere in BC. We are a one stop shop and we are also partnered with a leader in slab jacking once we have done the heavy lifting in order to level that sloped floor.

More information about helical piles: Contact Us

Valley Crew has managed seismic upgrades large and small for both commercial and residential clients. We also provide perimeter drain work, landscaping and even bridge repairs/construction.

We can also provide larger scale excavation services you may require or with our dedicated partner in heavy equipment. From rock trucks to bulldozers and large excavators, down to mini- excavators and skid steers, see our partner asaraconstruction.com for large projects.

We prefer to take on the detailed work ourselves because we want full control of the schedule and costs rather than hiring a sub trade, and because it just makes sense. This allows us to have more flexibility and saves you money.